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What does I Give On do? 2017-10-04T22:58:57+00:00

Giving and Kindness are the foundation of our business. We have created an online Givers Marketplace, uniting globally conscious sellers and shoppers who are looking for unique products, services and experiences while giving to causes they care about.

What types of services does I Give On offer vendors? 2017-10-04T22:35:50+00:00

I Give On offers a risk-free online marketplace where vendors can sell their products and services while increasing their product awareness and saving time and money on marketing. Vendors only pay commissions once a sale is made. With each sale 10% is donated to an approved charity of the buyers choice.

How does this help my business? 2017-10-04T22:03:26+00:00

Help to grow your business by providing an easy to use, risk-free platform to market and sell your unique offerings.

What is a Featured Vendor? 2017-10-31T20:51:08+00:00

Featured Vendors gain more exposure and marketing from I Give On: The Givers Marketplace by having their offerings advertised in our social media, email campaigns, and newsletters: generating more publicity for your business. I Give On retains 40% of sales (inclusive of 10% charitable donation and transaction fees).

How do I become an I Give On charity and what are the benefits? 2017-10-04T23:09:15+00:00

You can sign up for free to join our list of charities to receive donations from purchases made on our website. Any non-profit can apply and join after confirmation that they are a legitimate 501c3 and their objectives are aligned with the I Give On vision of promoting kindness and giving throughout the world.

What is your review process for selecting charities? 2017-10-04T22:06:20+00:00

We research our charities to ensure they are legitimate 501c3 organizations and that their missions are in line with our core values of kindness and compassion.

How do I nominate a worthy organization? 2017-10-04T22:04:58+00:00

Email us at connect@igiveon.com with your nominated charity’s name, location, website, contact person, and how they are changing the world. We will contact the charity and let you know once they have been approved.

How long will it take to receive my purchase? 2017-10-04T22:25:28+00:00

Vendors are responsible for shipping and delivery of all purchases. Delivery times will vary based on the type of purchase, as well as individual vendors’ procedures. See item description for specific shipping details.

What is your return policy? 2017-10-05T00:08:02+00:00

You can find our Return Policy here.